Rapid Customs Processing

You're On Vacation

As we serve as a water taxi to both the BVI and USVI, we need to get our clients through customs. We need to know the rules and guidelines to rapidly get you cleared to enter the country.

Nobody wants to stand in line...well maybe there are those few who go to a magical kingdom and spend more time standing in line than on vacation.

We have developed our Rapid Customs Processing program to keep you on vacation as much as possible. While you are in the boat sipping your selected beverage, relaxing and chatting with friends,  our captain goes into the customs house. With your passport, the completed paperwork, and cash fees, he works with the officer to clear you through customs.

Customs Form Completion

You will need to fill out our online form in advance, it is located at RCP Form. We take the data and manually write it on to the customs for you. As we are doing this, we make sure it is filled out properly and we have all the information the customs house needs. If there are any errors, gaps, or issues, our experienced team will know before we get to the customs house and can address them.

We recommend filling out the information sooner than later, at least a week before your travel date. We do charge a $25 per person fee for not filling out the online form in advance of travel.

Ultimately, we want you to have a spectacular vacation!

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