Additional Services

International Fees in Advance $7.50/$15 Per Person

We believe in making things easy! In our pursuit of excellence, you asked and we listened. We are now offering our International Fees in Advance service.

Usually, International Fees (sometimes called customs fees) are paid in cash at the dock because the customs houses don't accept credit cards. It is the captain who will be checking you into customs with your passports.

When traveling between countries such as going from the USVI to BVI you will need to pass through each country's customs house. International fees are paid in cash but change depending which direction you are going. They are $60 going from USVI to BVI. Going from BVI to USVI they are $40.

For those unfortunate travelers who don't have cash on hand, you would be left at the customs house to work through the bureaucracy on your own...

For a nominal fee of $7.50 per person each leg or round trip of $15.00, we will have the cash on hand and take care of everything. Just one more way for you to sit back, relax, and let SeaHorse takeover!

Only available with water taxi passage, not applicable to day trips.


Boat Upgrade $100 / $200

We offer boat upgrades for an additional $100 for local service (staying within the country) and $200 for international transport (USVI/BVI).

The boat upgrade gets:

•   A 25'-35' BVI boat instead of our basic USVI boat
•   Larger boat, providing a smoother ride
•   Faster boat, getting to the destination quicker
•   For international transport, able to drop you off directly at the charter boat dock

Peter/Norman Island - BVI

Private Boat $150/$250

While we reserve the right to combine groups, we also offer the option of a private boat. If you are a vacation planner with that private client that wants to keep things low key or you are a guest wanting that private transport for yourself, great! We can take care of that. Just let our customer service manager know that you would like your own boat.

•   $150 Local Transport (not crossing international boarders)
•   $250 International (crossing international boarders)

Shopping Stop $75 - $150

Sometimes you need to stop and grab some provisions for the vacation ahead. Other times, you just want to grab some fun additional drinks to keep the party going. We offer a Shopping Stop where we pick you up from the airport and stop at a store where you can purchase some of the additional things you need before setting sail.

We will stop off at either Food Center or Moe's, which to chose? Since there is no Wal-Mart, it really depends upon what you are looking for. Tell your driver and he will pick the best place to stop.

Plan Early $75  (2 weeks in advance)
A planned in advance stop will have 45-60 minutes to go into the store and shop for the things you need. You will need to book two weeks in advance of your travel. Our drivers are booked pretty tight with their schedules. We need to know in advance so they can build it into their schedule.

Plan Late $100  (2 days in advance)
Once again the stop will be 45-60 minutes in length to go into the store and shop for the things you need. The plan late stop can be booked until two days before transport. Just let our customer service rep know and we will update your paperwork.

Didn't Plan $150  (2 minutes in advance)
We can't guarantee this one, it really depends upon the driver and his schedule. If you are asking for a shopping stop while driving from the airport to the may just get lucky. If the driver is able to stop, there are additional charges for this one. We suggest you just take a few minutes to think ahead and make a plan.

We highly suggest this option for those staying on Jost Van Dyke, there isn't much for shopping there. Your villa may also offer a provisioning service. 

VIP Package $350 (international transport only)

While we already provide a premium, white glove service, there are a few additional perks we do offer for that guest that wants to be pampered.

The VIP Package comes with:
•   St. Thomas Shopping Stop (groceries not included)
•   International  Fees In Advance Surcharge (international fees not included)
 Boat Upgrade (a $250 value)
•   Private Boat ($200 value)

•   Your choice of drinks, Painkillers, Rum Punch, or Champagne ($50 value)