Second Chance

Captain John & Michelle

Captain John grew up in the dry Texas desert. However, he spent every summer in South Carolina. His Gramps taught him how to sail and has been on the water since 8 or 9 years old. At his grandfather's passing he inherited his first sailboat and has owned a boat in one form or another ever since. He sailed with five of his six kids for about three years between Florida Keys, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos islands. We think he has salt water running through is veins...

The Boat

"Second Chance" is a catamaran style power boat. It has many of the essentials for daily living. Kitchen, bathroom, and shower, with a total of six beds (but only four guests on over nighters, Captain John & Michele like to have a bed too!) The boat has two hammocks off the back which are great for sitting in on those lazy days.  It has a net off the front of the ship, great for view and relaxing while cruising. They have snorkel gear and kayaks available as part of the package.