St. John & Pizza Pi

Pizza Pi

Pizza Pi is a popular food boat and restaurant located in the US Virgin Islands, specifically in St. Thomas and St. John. It's known for serving delicious pizza made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven on a boat.

The unique aspect of Pizza Pi is that it's a floating pizzeria, housed on a 37-foot sailing vessel called "Therapy." The boat has been converted into a kitchen. Customers can visit the boat in person or a delivery boat will bring it to you.

Overall, Pizza Pi is a unique and beloved restaurant in the US Virgin Islands, offering delicious pizza in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Christmas Cove

A picturesque cove located near the island of Great St. James in the United States Virgin Islands. It is a popular destination for snorkeling, diving, and boating due to its clear blue waters, coral reefs, and abundance of marine life.

The cove is named after the English privateer Captain John Hawkins, who reportedly anchored his ship there on Christmas Day in the 16th century. Today, Christmas Cove is a peaceful anchorage that offers a serene and secluded retreat for visitors.

The cove's proximity to St. John and St. Thomas also makes it a convenient stop for boaters and sailors who are exploring the surrounding islands.

Visitors to Christmas Cove can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the warm waters of the cove, and can explore the coral reefs and marine life that make their home in the area. The cove is also known for its beautiful sunsets, which provide a stunning backdrop for a romantic evening or a relaxing drink on the beach. Overall, Christmas Cove is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the US Virgin Islands who loves sun, sand, and sea.

Snorkeling Little St. James

It never ceases to amaze what is below the surface of the water. Yes! Putting on snorkel equipment and diving in, the fish and coral never disappoint. Snorkeling Little St. James starts with anchoring where there is a soft sand bed for the anchor. You will need to swim a little bit to reach the reef. The coral explodes in coverage once you get to the reef. 

You will see many types and colors of fish through your snorkel. The Blue Tang are always a delight to see with their elegant body shape and blue color to contrast in the clear ocean water. Sergeant Major’s are always fun with their friendly black and white stripes with a hint of yellow. Other damsel fish can be found like the Black Damsel. Schools of fish will punctuate your visit. 

After exploring this area, there is a choice to be made…..St John or Lovango?

St. John North Shore

Salmon or Honeymoon Beach, beautiful white sand beach.  Play in the water or explore and take some great pics, as these beaches are harder to get to from land.

Maho Bay is where you can swim with turtles.  There are also shops and food.  It is a calm bay where it is fun to spend time on land and water

Waterlemon Cay and Mary's Point are for snorkeling.  As you snorkel around St John you will see different combinations of fish, turtles, rays, sea creatures, coral and plant life.  Leinster Bay is home to Waterlemon Cay and Mary's Point.  There is so much to see and explore in this bay.

Haulover, when the seas are calm this is a fun snorkel spot.

For lunch, you can be dropped off at Cruz Bay, make a lunch reservation at Lovango, go into Maho Bay, Coral Bay for Lime Out or bring your own.  We have coolers and ice for your items. There are a variety of great options to choose from.

St. John South Shore

A visitor favorite is Salt Pond Bay, with snorkeling around the bay, Sea Grass that turtles love and two trails that start there.  It is a beautiful area and you see only the ocean looking to the south. 

Lameshur Bay is a calm bay, great for beginners.  On the East side is great snorkeling as you follow the land.  In the West is a rock group.  Then around the bay is Sea Grass that turtles and other sea creatures love!  This is a bay to explore.

Would you like to see the Reef Bay Petroglyphs and the Reef Bay Sugar Factory District hiking all the way back up after going from the top to the water?  We will take you into Reef Bay for you to swim to shore and explore.  Easier than that hike back up the mountain, promise!


Did you know…?

Lovongo has created an underwater coral area with their name?

You can plan this as one of your stops.   You can see how ocean creatures are making the wire block letters their home.  If you are a regular, this is a rare opportunity to watch the growth through the years.  Then, before leaving this area, take a minute on the water to see Carvel Rock and the neighboring islands.  The channel between Lovango and Mingo is magical, the color of the water is spectacular.

Each of the north shore beaches on St. John are different and offer different shorelines, amenities and water adventure.

9:00 am – Depart Red Hook, St. Thomas or Depart Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI

9:30 am – Arrive at the first snorkel spot.  

Snorkeling and exploration St. John North Shore beaches or

Snorkel and sail around Lovango, Mingo, Carvel Rocks or 

Snorkel Christmas Cove

12:00 pm – Lunch at Pizza Pi in Christmas Cove

Snorkel Christmas Cove

Explore St. John or

North Shore or South beaches or

Reef Bay and south shore

3:30 pm – Finish and return to drop off location

4:00 pm – National Parks Dock, St John or Red Hook, St. Thomas Drop-Off

Pricing:  $950 for first six guests, each additional guest is $75 up to 12 guests.

Includes: Captain, **Fuel,** Snorkel Gear, Waterproof Dry Case, 30L Dry Bag, Ice, Water, Soda, and Beer

Not Included: Gratuity is not included, but is customary at 20% of Day Trip charges.

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