Snorkeling Trips

Have you ever wanted to hit the pause button on the chaos of life?

...Now is your chance… 

Being on the water away from everything is a time for family and friends to connect without distraction, explore the vibrancy of nature, and pause in the moment in an unforgettable location.

Whether jumping into the water, snorkeling with mask and fins, running on the beach, or just feeling the breeze sitting on the boat, there is something for everyone on a day trip on the water.  

While snorkeling and slipping beneath the surface of the water, the world above fades away, and a new world opens up to you. 

The water is clear and cool, and you can feel the gentle current pulling you along. As you kick your fins and glide through the water, you are surrounded by a riot of colors and shapes.

Each day trip has something unique to offer…

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ escaseon

Wow! Went out on one trip in the early part of our stay and enjoyed ourselves so much we went out again 3 days later. Besides the beautiful boat they provided the over accommodating crew is really the best part. They simply just can’t do enough for you and your guests from boarding to end. They know the best spots to snorkel if you want…Would not consider another charter company


Cruise Ship Friendly day trips have more flexibility and are shorter in total time. If you are coming into port, it depends on what time you deboard and all aboard.

We like to have you back 1 hour before all aboard...because...if you miss the all aboard, your stuck!

While being stuck in paradise sounds nice initially...we all know there are other consequences.


Jost Van Dyke

BVI Snorkel & Explore

Virgin Gorda

BVI West Islands

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~Ken G

We were 10 people, family, friends, and teens. They were very prompt, courteous and communication was excellent. It was definitely worth the splurge spend for us! Captain Scott was awesome!


Lime Out & St. John

Explore St. John

Snorkel & Pizza

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Whether you are looking for a new adventure or repeat a favorite, we've got you covered. We offer St. Thomas day trips and St. John day trips. Searching for a Carnival St. Thomas Excursions or Royal Caribbean St. Thomas excursion? You've come to the right place. Give us a call to see what we can do for you! St. Thomas boat charters or St. John boat charters, adventure awaits!

Initially you might think this is about protecting you...but not quite. As stewards of snorkel adventures, we want to also protect our reefs. They are being damaged unintentionally, so we have designed our excursions to protect the environment while giving guests a great experience. Read more...