Flights from St. Thomas to Tortola

Virgin Island Private Flights

You've been emailing back and forth with your travel party every week about vacation plans in the BVI...

...this was going to be the best vacation ever...SCREECHH...

Well, let's all start off with a little CraZy. The BVI closed all it borders to planes, boats, and swimmers because of the virus...

Wait...BVI has postponed opening their seaports again...and again...and again?

A 4 day quarantine? but you can still hang out on your boat?

Other vacationers are saying, "It's not too bad, you can still hang out on your boat in the BVI"

...HEY! You still can take your vacation!

Awesome, but how do you get there? You already booked flights into STT.

***Just imagine unboarding your STT flight, going to gate 10 at STT to a waiting plane and landing at EIS in less time than it takes to eat lunch.

We have some great news! SeaHorse Water Taxi is now offering private flights into the BVI and around the Caribbean.

Same great service with water taxi, now putting you and your groupies on a private flight.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Kansas B.

"Amy went out of her way to help us coordinate our trip to the airport when our taxi was delayed...We will absolutely use SeaHorse land and water taxi again!!"

How much does it cost?

A little bit more than a water taxi or a commercial flight...but now your own airplane and timetable.

Many of our guests are boat people (technical term) and they love the water taxi along with salty ocean air.

Let's be honest, your own charter plane and not another layover...or ticket change.

Now for some ground rules:

•  Four person minimum on these flights...✈️
•  Cost is $219 per person + customs fees and taxes
•  If your flight is late, we adjust your private charter flight
•  Fill out your passport info before your travel day (makes things go smoother)
•  The BVI will manage your transport once you land at EIS
•  We are still water taxi'ng people out of the BVI
•  Easiest way to get an answer, fill out the form below.

We'll send you a quote via email, if everything looks good...then Book 'em Dano!

You pay your deposit and you're on our calendar.

It's a 15 minute flight from St. Thomas to Tortola or another island in the Caribbean of your choosing. It is a wonderful way to travel!

We will work with you on all the quarantine docs and making sure you are all set to relax in the warm sand under the shining sun.


"I had a good positive experience using Seahorse Water Taxi. I had questions and they called me directly so we could review all details . thank you for your help, we had a great day!"