Looks like you got our invite to join The Salty Piracy Adventure for June 1st!

Ever since watching The Goonies as a kid, I'd wanted to do a treasure hunt.

When I was launching SeaHorse Water Taxi back in 2018, your tunes were part of my regular mix.

(One of my favorites is Be Still).

First off, thanks for contributing and making them available!

I reached out because we started to work with an influencer on YouTube.

Camilla Johannesen was hired to help cover the Sol Seeker Festival on St. Thomas this year.

Since you were coming down and we were organizing a Salty Piracy Adventure, thought I would invite you.

Don't know how long you were staying on St. Thomas after the festival, but thought I would throw out the invite.

In any case, hope you can join us and have a FANTASTIC time being a kid again...on an adult treasure hunt.

You can ping me back if you are able to join us!

Kenny@seahorsevi.com or 340-473-9565