Partial Boat Calendar

Welcome to our Partial Boat Booking Program. We are contacted regularly by passengers looking for passage to a destination. Our minimum rates are based upon a party of four, however, as the number of passengers increase on a boat our rates decrease. Our program is to connect passengers and pass along savings.

What does it cost to participate? Nothing. However, the first group to book for a date gets an additional discount. We do suggest you try to post on our calendar as early as possible, our site is visited by hundreds of people every month. The longer it is out there, the more likely it will connect with another  group.

How to participate:

  1. Look over our calendar for a booking that matches yours
    - If you find one, email us with the estimate number, date and location
  2. If you don't find one, contact us for an estimate
    - You will be added to the calendar
    - Electronic posting information will be sent to you to share
  3. Share with friends, or through relevant online forums (cruise ships)
    - As you click on dates, all the information we need is right there
    - Have them contact us with the relevant information to be added to the party

We look forward to helping you have a fantastic vacation!

* Please note, the calendar time adjusts to your time zone, but the times are based upon the VI time zone.