Partial Boat Calendar

Welcome to our Partial Boat Booking Program. We are contacted regularly by passengers looking for passage to a destination. Our minimum rates are based upon a party of four, however, as the number of passengers increase on a boat our rates decrease. Our program is to connect passengers and pass along savings.

Everyone is automatically enrolled in the Partial Boat Booking. However, we do have a four person minimum for water taxi runs and a six person minimum for some day trips (contact us to verify availability). If you group doesn't meet the minimum, you can always book out the full boat. If others join the boat you will get a refund. Review the calendar and for another party traveling at a similar time as you.

For an additional fee, we can provide exclusive private service. Guaranteed, your own boat! (Land transport is always exclusive and private).

We look forward to helping you have a fantastic vacation!

* Please note, the calendar time adjusts to your time zone, but the times are based upon the VI time zone.