St. Thomas to St. John

Thinking of taking the ferry?

It might be the right option for you. However, if you are looking for a seamless transport experience so you can skip the lines and set your own time table, water taxi is right for you. Less stress, less mess.

With our seamless transport service, we pick you up at St. Thomas airport and deliver you to your destination. Most of our guests going to St. John are dropped off in Cruz Bay where they pickup their rental car.

We are the Best Water Taxi on St. Thomas. Our service keeps you relaxed, with beer and water, from the moment you are in our hands. No beer on the ferry...lines...and lots of people...

Considering a water taxi?

If this is your first time or 50th, but you are considering a water taxi and who to book with. Let us start off with, not all water taxi's are the same.

The difference in service really start to come out when your flight is delayed. In this business, it is easy when everything goes right. However, we are organized to manage things when they don't go right (especially when it is not your fault and could ruin your vacation).

We separate ourselves by providing seamless land and water service, picking you up at St. Thomas airport and transporting you to your resort, villa, or charter boat company on St. John so you can relax.

Other water taxi's will have you book your own land taxi (they provide the contact info) and they provide the water taxi only.

Delayed Flight? No Problem!

As an FYI, we are tracking flight information and making sure all the pieces come together. If your flight is late, delayed, or cancelled, give us a call so we can get on the same page.

Most likely, we already know and are working on a solution. We've had clients come in anywhere from 1 to 8 hours late. We have been there every step of the way.
With other water taxi's, if your flight is delayed for any reason, you are the one that has to clean up the mess and initiate coordinating everything. If your flight is late, both the land and water taxi may not be able to accommodate because of scheduling conflicts. Let's be honest, you didn't come on vacation to the virgin islands to stress, you were supposed to leave that behind!

Start Your Vacation Off Right!

By the time you hit the St. Thomas, you may have been traveling 8-14 hours. We are here to help you start your vacation off right. When it is time to come home, we provide that slow and comfortable reintroduction to regular life. Our staff are highly accessible and available to communicate with. If you have questions, we are very responsive.

Contact us today to book your transportation from St. Thomas to St. John.

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