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The Indians

An outcropping of rocks west of Norman Island. They project up into the air almost 50 feet. On one side is a reef teaming with life and exploration. On the other side of the outcropping is a completely different landscape.

The East side is filled with outcroppings below the water’s surface that are teaming with life ranging from staghorn and brain coral to parrot fish, damsels, and groupers. Purple fans and seaweed will dance with the waves. You may also see jellyfish or sea urchins. If you don’t know the names of the fish or sea creatures, that’s okay!  Make up your own name, then look them up later. 

As you swim the West side, a sheer rock face plunges deep into the ocean creating a solid tangible hard rock looking out against an almost endless ocean abyss plunging deep into the ocean. You may see individual fish, but also schools of fish swimming like yellow snappers or angel fish. The rock face will also have choral growing as hiding places for fish to parade around. The colors will pop against the beige rock and dark blue background.

The Caves

The caves are unique, not only because of the visual experience but also the historical significance. Three caves that are naturally occurring cutting into the basalt stone cliff of the island. They go back from 15’ for the small one and 100’ for the deep one stretching up 15-20’ at low tide.  Use an underwater torch (flashlight) to explore further and deeper!  Also, they are believed to be the inspiration for the caves in Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. 

One of the major reasons guests love the caves is the spelunking (kinda…but not really) and geology, mixed with diversity of fish and sea life. You may see grouper, sliver fish, sergeant major, or blue tang on your swim in. Schools of fish like to hang around this area too. 

Norman is one of those islands that feels disconnected from the world.  The water is clear blue and beautiful, the shore is diverse and worthy of leisure exploration.  Norman Island will help you slow down and adopt "Island Time."  

In the Bight Bay, visually you will see The Willy-T (a floating bar), and The Pirate’s Bite, both options for lunch. Let Captain if you’d like to make a stop.

The Indians

Sample Itinerary

9:00 am – Depart Red Hook, St. Thomas or Depart Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI

9:30 am – Arrive at West End Customs, BVI

After checking into the BVI you can go to the following locations in any order!  

Sail to Norman Island and explore and snorkel the Caves. 

Explore and snorkel The Indians.  

Lunch on Norman Island at The Pirate's Bight or Willy T, or bring your own lunch.  

Snorkel and explore around Norman Island

Visit Willy T, to jump or not, that is the question!

3:30 pm: Meet back at boat for return

4:00 pm – Cruz Bay Customs to check back into the USVI

4:30 - 5:00 pm – National Parks Dock, St John or Red Hook, St. Thomas Drop-Off


Our Captain Stephen has spent over a decade learning, exploring and enjoying all the locations listed above, and it is also his passion to share this knowledge with others. There are no better hands for you to be in!  


Pricing:  $1750 for first six guests, each additional guest is $75 up to 12 guests.

Includes: Captain, **Fuel,** Snorkel Gear, Ice, Water, Soda, and Beer


Not Included

Gratuity is not included, customary amount is 20% of Day Trip charges. 

International Fees of $75 per person in cash to the captain upon boarding. 

Note: Please bring towels and mineral sunscreen only. No spray sunscreen due to safety reasons (slippery decks).  Please use ones that are zinc oxide based, other ones are banned because research is showing they damage the reefs. Read more...

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