Why use a water taxi over the public ferry?
Ever been to Disney World? Happiest place on earth along with the longest lines too! Customs is the #2 runner up. You are in vacation mode, you don’t want to wait in line. Our fast boats and Rapid Customs Processing helps you to minimize your wait time and speed you through to your vacation destination.

Do you price match?
No, we offer a higher level of hospitality and service than other similar providers.

Why choose SeaHorse?
Our team has over 20 years of experience in hospitality and on the Virgin Islands. With travel and hospitality sometimes it really is about “who you know”. If you need something or want to find out about the best spots from an insider, just ask one of our staff (they will most likely have already been there). Customer service is key to our success.

We are unique in our ability to provide door to door service across the US or British Virgin Islands. We will pick you and your luggage up at the airport baggage claim and transport across land and water to your final vacation destination. Because of our Rapid Customs Processing we are the fastest in the islands at getting you through a customs house.

What is SeaHorses - Rapid Customs Processing
Based upon our experience going through customs can take some time. Between filling out forms and passport review it can unnecessarily eat up some of your vacation. We have developed a process to get you through customs in as little time as possible so that we can be on our way and you can enjoy your vacation. Once you have paid for passage with SeaHorse, you will fill out our online Rapid Customs Processing forms before you even catch your plane. Our staff will then get your customs forms all setup. Once at the customs house all the paperwork, passports, and customs fees will be submitted. You'll be in and out in no time. Doing our best to step through bureaucracy, even in paradise!

How Much are International Fees?
When traveling between countries such as going from the USVI to BVI you will need to pass through each country's customs house. International fees (sometimes called customs fees) are paid in cash but change depending which direction you are going. They are $60 going from USVI to BVI. Going from BVI to USVI they are $60.  For those unfortunate travelers who don't have cash on hand, our captains usually have credit card scanners along with some cash on hand to cover these transactions. Otherwise, you would be left at the customs house to work through the bureaucracy on your own...

There are no more restrictions for travel in the USVI or BVI.

Can You Get Us Through Customs After Hours?
Yes and no. The customs houses have some flexibility, but overall, it depends. Each customs house has their own hours of operation. A scheduled late check-in is possible, but it is also expensive. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

What is the latest I can fly in?
It really depends on if you need to go through customs because you are going between the USVI and BVI. The Tortola customs house close at different times and changes depending upon the season. If you have a flight into St. Thomas after 2:30 pm, contact us to see what we can swing. After you exit the aircraft, pickup your luggage, your private land taxi picks you up from there. You will transfer to the water taxi for a quick stop at the customs house and then on to your destination. You can always spend the night in a hotel, explore the city, then get up in the morning and catch a water taxi to your final destination. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

What is the earliest I can fly out?
Once again, it really depends on if you need to go through customs because you are traveling internationally (USVI to BVI or vice versa). St. Thomas customs house opens at 8:00 am...couple hours in line...and the earliest flight you would be able to catch that same day would be 11:30 am. If your flight is before that, we suggest you catch a water taxi the day before and stay in a hotel that night. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

We're in a boat, can't we just skip customs...?
We'll just start off with jail and fines and that is just for our captain, because he should know better. These can then be passed on to passengers and others...we'll just say it is best to not go there...

Do you offer group rates?
Yes, our group rates start at 8 guests. Call or email to start the process of booking your group with SeaHorse.

Does SeaHorse charge a fuel surcharge?
SeaHorse Excursions does not use fuel surcharges. The cost of service is fully incorporated into the price quote. We want to have as few surprises as possible. Fuel surcharges are to cover the extra fuel required for further destinations.

Final Payment
Final payment is due 30 days before travel. Reminders will be sent out leading up to your travel date. Payment may be made incrementally leading to your travel date through the online invoice.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
For a full refund, cancellation must take place 30 days before date of service. As a round trip is considered one service, you may not cancel any individual part of a round trip. All contact details are provided upon confirmation of your booking. With two weeks remaining before the initial date of service, there is a $200 non-refundable deposit. If your flight is canceled or you miss your flight, please contact us immediately to reschedule. We will make every effort to accommodate the circumstances. Additional fees may be required to meet the circumstances.

We are traveling with children, how do we handle car seats?
USVI and BVI laws require children ride in car seats. Our land taxi's do not have car seats for children. We recommend you bring your car seats from home for your vacation and to be used in the rental car. Most airlines provide complimentary check of one stroller and one car seat per ticketed customer, see policies for DeltaUnitedAmerican Airlines, and Spirit. Our drivers make it easy to help haul your luggage and the extra car seat to make your vacation comfortable. Additional travel tips with kids.

What if I miss my flight or it is delayed?
Contact us immediately and we will start working on arranging alternative transportation. Keeping us in the loop will help us to find alternative solutions. Some clients have booked out other adventures for that day and may miss connecting boats. We will make every effort to accommodate when life happens.

Do you go to St. Croix?
It is 40 miles to St. Croix from St. Thomas. In a small boat, it is a long and bumpy ride. Usually a flight is shorter, cheaper, and more comfortable. Seaborn Airlines is one option for catching a flight. If that option doesn’t work for you, feel free to contact us.