Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are a favorite place for many people and holds some of the best attractions for visitors. One particular place of interest is the Virgin Gorda that measures eight and a half square miles and entices visitors with yacht clubs, peacefully quiet coves, safe anchorages, villas, and luxury resorts. There is plenty that you can do on the island such as swimming at the beach, sailing around the laid-back island that is said to resemble a reclining woman, snorkeling, kite surfing, and marina. Life seems a bit less fast-paced as compared to what you could experience anywhere else and the island’s labyrinth of beachside boulders forms a series of pools and flooded grottoes. This is quite an appealing destination that is attractive to the traveler and gives them a moment of peace and relaxation as they drink in the looks of the sites that make the island as popular as it is.

Virgin Gorda is not lacking in hotels and restaurants and whenever you pay the island a visit, you will have a sure place to spend the vacation. There is a lot to do on the Island such as hiking at the Gorda peak national park, going on romantic picnics, exploring the volcanic baths that are scattered around the island, bird watching, and para-sailing. There are lots of fun activities that can be done at the Gorda islands and it is not lacking in attractions and features of interest. The land-forming processes, in particular, get the highest attention owing to their amazing nature and their powerful effect on the look of the island. Bitter End yacht club is a point you should make of visiting and get to discover the rich yachting history of the island. Abandoned copper mines are also a place of interest on the island which makes your vacation more exciting and worth it.

The shape of the island, which resembles a huge reclining woman, is the reason for its name and this is what adds to its popularity. It has plenty of features both on the surface of the island and under its surface that lies to be discovered and will be an exciting addition to your activities while at the island. The Virgin Gorda is also an attraction point for people with many backgrounds so while you are still there, you will be amazed to find very many other people that share your interests. You can swim at the beach, go sailing, snorkeling and visiting the national park which is full of stunning island views. The island is a good tourist destination for you or your family to pay a visit in the holidays. If you are in St Thomas or elsewhere across the US and British Virgin Islands Seahorse Water Taxi will be happy to arrange your visit to Virgin Gorda. Contact Us Today.