Jost Van Dyke BVI

Imagine a wonderful vacation with silky sand, clear turquoise waters, and lots of fun. It’s no wonder thousands of people flock to the Virgin Islands to get away from it all. They love the easy-going lifestyle of the people and an abundance of activities.

You can take your pick of the islands. Visit the beautiful St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John of the US Virgin Islands. Or stay on one of the British Virgin Islands. Enjoy a luxury stay on Tortola, a relaxing retreat on Virgin Gorda, or sublime snorkeling through the coral reefs of Anegada. But to us, it’s all about Jost Van-Dyke of British Virgin Islands. It’s an underrated gem that you must visit before you leave.

Welcome to Jost Van-Dyke

Jost Van Dyke, JVD or just Jost. It is the smallest of the four major islands of BVI. With a population of about 300, it’s just four miles long but it packs a punch. You can get there from one of the major islands by ferry. Yet, the best and quickest way to get there is a water taxi from Seahorse Water Taxi. I don’t know about you but I’m all about efficiency. Once you touch down make sure you:

Have Conch Stew Or A West Indian Roti
Once on JVD, stop in at Foxy’s for a finger-licking conch stew. What’s conch? Sea snails plucked from large seashells, of course! Don’t turn your nose up until you try it. Fresh seafood never tasted this good. You can even have it in a West Indian roti. It’s a flatbread that is stuffed with curried meats, and vegetables, influenced by Indian settlers. You’ll be begging for more!

Drink at the Soggy Dollar
One of the famous bars on Jost Van Dyke is the Soggy Dollar. The bar was made before there were roads and docks on JVD. Patrons would anchor their boats, swim over to the bar, and pay with wet money. Hence, the name Soggy Dollar. Go there to try the famous Painkiller’ drink. They still accept soggy dollars but there’s a road to the bar now. No need to swim there!

Celebrate Old Year’s with Foxy’s
The most popular beach on JVD is Great Harbor. It’s pristine beaches, silky sand, and convenient harbor attracts thousands each year. Foxy’s is a well-known bar on the island, with a penchant for throwing the best New-Year’s Eve parties. Called Old Year’s by the locals, they either shut the beach down or have luxury yachts to throw this New Year’s shindig. Make sure you stop in to bring in the new year and have the time of your life.

Relax on White Bay Beach
Head over the White Bay Beach, the second largest and highly rated beach on JVD. Slow down…you don’t really have a choice in White Bay but to relax! Enjoy the cascading white sand and the ocean wave slowly roll in wetting the beach sand and wondering toes.

Check out the little brother
Jost Van Dyke has an island just of its coast called Little Jost Van Dyke. Take a speedy water taxi over there, and spend the day snorkeling, diving, and exploring. The island is not for poor swimmers as the currents can be rough.

The Virgin Islands is one of the best places for your next vacation or exploration. You can renew, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself. You’ll also be impressed by the people and their can-do spirit. They have not let the hurricane in 2017 stop them from enjoying life. If you’re in BVI, take a water taxi over to Jost Van Dyke. You won’t regret it.