Day Trip Details


Our Captains Scott and Stephen have spent over a decade learning, exploring and enjoying all the Virgin Islands.  They offer their own love of the area and enjoy sharing their "favorite spots" while you are on the boat.  There are no better hands for you to be in.

What's on the boat

Captain will prepare drinks, snorkel gear and an itinerary for the day.  Let them know what you would like the day to be like when you board.  There is a fresh water shower to rise off with once back onboard .  Also, there is a dry case and bag for your use if you need to take anything with you that would be damaged by the water.

Passports - Rapid Customs Processing

If you are traveling into the BVI, we have our Rapid Customs Processing for our guests.  We’ve transported thousands of guests across these international borders. We use the same process for day trip guests too.  Your group will be given your own portal to upload passport information before you leave home.  Captain will collect your international fees when you arrive at the boat.  They will also be prepared to check you in and out of The BVI and also walk you back into the Customs House on St. John.

Pick up locations

Our boats are in American Yacht Harbor (AYH), Red Hook. We will pickup at AYH or come to the National Parks Dock, St. John for your pick up. 



Our Boats

We LOVE our Grady-White 330 Express’! Our boats are like a Cadillac, they are a heavier boat, so they take the waves and swells better than most any boat in the same class. Don’t worry about speed, they have plenty of power to go fast (they have two 300 or 350 HP outboards).

The next thing we LOVE about our Grady-Whites is the seating arrangement. Everyone gets a 1ST CLASS PADDED SEAT for your hindquarters. The best seats are at the back of the boat, the bumpiest seats are near the bow where the brunt of the wave hits and you always catch a little air between you…and your seat! Seating on both boats is mid to stern giving friends and family a comfortable ride.

We call this the KITCHEN TABLE factor. Most day trip boats have some seating in the front and some in back, separating your party. With all the seating in the middle and stern of the boat, it is more like the kitchen table where the family gathers round to be together.

There is EXTRA SPACE for everyone and everything. Our boats have large cuddy cabin for any extra bags you want to keep dry. Whether it is for a water taxi, or a day trip, your bags and luggage will be dry and secure down below.

Our boats come HALF COVERED, great for day trips and those guests who want to stay out of the Caribbean sun’s rays because of fair skin. It is also great for those who want to enjoy the sun and work on their tan. In either case, you’ll still be enjoying the fresh ocean breeze cooling your skin!

The built in cooler is pretty cool too! It is large enough to fit about 10 cases of soda…but we never pack it that full! In any case there is space to chill your favorite drinks and snacks even if we don't stock them.