Tortola British Virgin Islands

All You Need To Know About Tortola of British Virgin Islands

For the lovers of adventure and excursions, Tortola is one of the must-visit places in the world. Being the biggest island among the British Virgin Islands, this island represents the right mix of culture and scenery, enough to quench all your adventure quest.

If you are thrilled by stepping on white sands and walking by the seaside, then Tortola shores will just give you that thrill. These shores are naturally endowed to raise your sense of tranquility and serenity. The sapphire sky and the evergreen trees surrounding the oceans will just raise your spirits and boost your inner peace.

Below are the top highlights you need to include when planning to tour Tortola Island. You should as well note that the most convenient method of transport is a water taxi. If you are in St Thomas or elsewhere on the islands,  Seahorse Water Taxi will be happy to help you plan your tour and get you where you need to be during your trip.

The Places to Visit

There are numerous places you can visit once you land in Tortola. To save you much hassle, we have compiled a list of the top 4 places to visit once you are in Tortola

1. Sage Mountain National Park

If you want to get an extended view of the whole island you have two options. One; to fly high above the Island, which is not an aesthetic means of spending your holiday. Two; go to Sage Mountain National Park and climb to the peak of the mountain. You will get a better view of the island. Besides, you will also enjoy; admiring the exotic trees and flora, and have an opportunity for a hiking excursion.

2. Brewers Bay

This place is usually quiet and serene. The beauty of this place is intensified by the easy access to the shores for snorkeling and other sea adventures. If you get hungry and want to get something for yourself, you will easily trace a nearby beach bar where you will get an opportunity to taste the exotic food and exquisitely prepared snacks. It’s here where you will get an opportunity to rent paddleboards, traditional boats, and other ocean adventure equipment.

3. Smugglers Cove

This area is characterized by dazzling white sand beaches. To access this area, use the water taxi since it’s the best means to get you to this place. If you are a beer drinker, you will get an opportunity to enjoy gorgeous craft beer brands. But still, if you are not a lover of the bottle, you will get other equally excellent options of soft drinks. Here, you will be able to sunbathe, swim in the blue waters, and even rent some furniture if you have friends who would like to have a beach party.

4. Cane Garden Bay

If you love a hearty beach getaway, then you need to put Cane Garden Bay in the list of places you must visit once you are in Tortola. Here, you will have a chance to relax in the sloppy white sands, watch the sunset, and when the sun has completely dipped in the west, get to be entertained by the live bands from one of the seashore tourist facilities. The positive vibes and the tunes of these night bands will just create a memorable impression which will take long to forget.

Things to Do in Tortola

1. Go Surfing- If you love riding on waves and enjoying such water moments, then choose to go to Cane Garden Bay or the smugglers’ Cove and ask for surfing facilities. You and your friends will enjoy these moments

2. Take a Water Ride- The cool, blue waters of the Caribbean generates an experience like no other. If you get to the beach and feel this is the thing for you, don’t resist it. Simply get yourself one of the kayaks and sail around the island. If you are inexperienced hire both the Kayak and the rider. The experience will be breathtaking.

3. Organize a beach Party – Group adventures are just awesome. Beach parties rhyme seamlessly with the Caribbean weather. If you are the party person, think of throwing a medium party to your friends by the shores of the Caribbean.

4. Attend traditional ceremonies- Tortola is rich in culture. With its history dating back to as early as 16th century, you will get a wide mix of traditional ceremonies. Among these is the fire juggler moon parties which are done in full moon. These ceremonies will get you connected to the harmony of nature and leave you longing for more traditional dances.

If you want to know more about Tortola BVI, you will not do it by reading about the beautiful Island. You have got to visit the place to feel, breath, and immerse yourself into all these highlighted experiences and adventures. Make a plan, and schedule your getaway to  Tortola Island and don’t forget to book with us for your water taxi travels.