International Processing Fees

Published 12/22/2021, the information below is subject to change without notice.

We often get questions about the "international processing fees" charged for guests travelling to and from the BVI. They used to be called "BVI customs fees." Many changes have happened because of security changes resulting from 9/11 and governmental increases from both the BVI and the USVI.  We now use the more accurate term of "International Processing Fees." Today, many different cost go into the collection of $60pp (per person) required to enter the BVI, and $60pp returning from the BVI to the USVI.

We are  asked, "Do we have to pay this if we take the public ferry?" The easy answer is, "yes, but not nearly as much." Public ferries get a different rate on many of the inbound fees to the BVI. However, ferry passengers still pay $20pp departure tax from the BVI. These are paid by each person before clearing through the security gate at the ferry terminals.

Other fees for visitors using the public ferry system traveling in either direction are built into the ticket price. All private operators (US or British registry) have to pay different fees than the public ferry each time they enter and exit.

The fees charged to US registered vessels are broken down in part, as follows:

From USVI to the BVI

$16pp "BVI Cruising Permit Fee" (raised Aug 1, 2017)
$10pp "BVI Environmental Fee" (new Sept 1, 2017)
$25pp document prep and filing fee
$9pp built into the cost of per boat entry fee, per guest wharfage departing the secure port in Red Hook, and BVI immigration processing fees.
After hours, Sundays & Holidays also incur BVI immigration and customs flat rate fees.

From BVI to USVI 

$20pp BVI departure tax
$8pp USVI Port Authority dock usage fee in St John or in Red Hook.
$25-40 per boat USVI Port Authority fee (based on boat size)

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