Rapid Customs Processing

You're On Vacation

As we serve as a water taxi to both the BVI and USVI, we need to get our clients through customs. We need to know the rules and guidelines to rapidly get you cleared to enter the country.

Nobody wants to stand in line...well maybe there are those few who go to a magical kingdom and spend more time standing in line than on vacation.

We have developed our Rapid Customs Processing program to keep you on vacation as much as possible. While you are in the boat sipping your selected beverage, relaxing and chatting with friends,  our captain goes into the customs house. With your passport, the completed paperwork, and cash fees, he works with the officer to clear you through customs.

Customs Form Completion

You will need to fill out our online form in advance, it is located at RCP Form. We take the data and manually write it on to the customs for you. As we are doing this, we make sure it is filled out properly and we have all the information the customs house needs. If there are any errors, gaps, or issues, our experienced team will know before we get to the customs house and can address them.

We recommend filling out the information sooner than later, at least a week before your travel date. We do charge a $25 per person fee for not filling out the online form in advance of travel.

Ultimately, we want you to have a spectacular vacation!

SeaHorse Water Taxi

Customs – After Hours

If you are looking for a water taxi to take you from the USVI to BVI, you've come to the right place. We regularly provide water taxi service from St. Thomas to Road Town. BVI.

BVI Customs

Getting through customs after hours can be easy and complicated, it just depends. Late flights or other delays unexpectedly get in the way. If there is a delay on the flight, you give us a call and we will have everything worked out before you're in the air. Once you land, we will be there to pick you up in the baggage claim.

We know its not your fault that your flight is delayed, but you still have to deal with the consequences. We work with you to minimize that impact. Our operations team has moved thousands of passengers over their years. We are so experienced, we can almost predict which flights will have delays. If we can't get you through, we will offer a full refund or can schedule you for transport the next morning.

Our experienced team have a variety of strategies to manage getting you through customs. We've already conducted an internal evaluation and risk assessment of the whole process. We know what works and what doesn't. We have around ten tried and true strategies to get you through customs.

The customs houses used to be open later before hurricane Maria and Irma in 2017. Since then, some of the customs houses were destroyed and have been operating out of temporary buildings. It is not clear when or if expanded hours will be reinstated. Much of Tortola is still rebuilding.

Can't I Schedule Late Entry?

If it were just a matter of money, that would be easy. Any late entry into the BVI will need to be approved by the Commissioner of Customs. As of late, he has not been approving after hours entries.

Getting through customs after hours is more about knowing the rules of the game.  I often tell my kids, if you don't know the rules, you can't play the game. Contact us about your specific situation and we will give you our honest opinion.

At the end of the day, sometimes it is the ferry that fits your budget. Our clients choose because of convenience, expertise, and so they can start their vacation from the moment they land!

The Journey Begins

Looking for an amazing adventure in the Virgin Islands? Then you have come to the right place. We have developed this map of dive sights, some of them are our favorite.

Best Dive Spots According to Locals

Interactive map will load automatically in a few moments

If you’ve not already purchased your own snorkel equipment, we would highly recommend it. After just a couple of dives it will definitely pay for itself.

Hurricane Irma Update

September 2017 – Hurricane Irma

The island has been recovering slowly but surely. The video above shows the destruction that happened. There are still some businesses that have not re-opened.

Here is a link to many business status

The majority of restaurants and bars have reopened. If you are unsure, double check to see if the business is open. We’d suggest you give them a call just to verify.

Here are a few that may be a while…